“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you did in guiding me through the probate procedure and establishing me as the executor for the estate of James B.

I observed that you seem to have the respect of the probate court judge and his staff. This certainly helped speed up the procedure. Also, I appreciate the sound advice you gave me for both the estate and for me personally. You did a wonderful job of writing my new will. You again guided me in achieving exactly what I wanted. You were especially helpful in establishing the trust section for family and charity allocations.

Again, many thanks and I will be pleased to recommend you to anyone who needs a will, probate or estate planning attorney. I feel so fortunate to have found you many years ago. My family is impressed with your work for me. I look forward to a long and fruitful professional association with you.”

-Donald H.

“I was kept abreast of the status of my case at all times. Mr. Jones explained step by step processes and reasons behind them. He was extremely prompt in answering my questions and in correspondence. He always made me feel as though I was a very important client. His invoices were clear and concise and I never felt over charged.

He is a strong Christian man, wonderful attorney and I would highly recommend him.”

-Judi V.

“When my step dad and mother died within 5 weeks of one another, I needed help. I called Mr. Jones and he spent a long time on the phone talking to me about the Probate process. He was so kind and put everything into plain and understandable language. I decided to hire him for the two estates and I have been thankful for Mr. Jones on many occasions.

We had a lot of debt and issues that I could not have handled on my own. Mr. Jones took away the frustration and handled it all. He is Awesome at what he does!”

-Sherry C.

“As a Financial Planner I have sent my clients to Roger Jones for over the past 20 years. He works well with my clients and looks for the best way to plan for each individual estate. I have seen Roger’s work over the years provide families with peace of mind, orderly transfers of assets, and savings from estate taxes. No matter what size the estate may be, I send all of my clients to Roger for sound counsel and proper design of wills, trusts, and transfer agreements. I like working with Roger because he works with me as an equal advisor and member of the client’s team.”

-Wes Shannon