Whether for your existing business, the business you’re starting or the business you’re acquiring, we help you choose and implement the optimum business structure. Would a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or limited partnership serve you best? The right business planning will help minimize liabilities, maximize your business’s value, allow for growth, provide clear guidelines for buy-outs or retirements and enhance your business.

Consider the effect on your business of death, disability, divorce, a lawsuit.

  • Do you want to be in business with your partner’s surviving spouse or children?
  • If you suffer a debilitating stroke, will the other owners buy you out or force you out?
  • For a sole owner or family business, is there a plan to transition to the next generation?
  • How would your divorce or death affect your partner(s) or the other shareholders?
  • Would your personal assets be at risk because of a lawsuit against your business?

Deferred compensation agreements, buy-sell agreements, key-man insurance, retirement agreements, shareholder agreements, business succession planning, incorporation and limited liability entities are tools to address these issues. Selecting and implementing the best legal tools is the job of Roger Jones as your advisor, counselor and attorney. Contact Mr. Jones here.