Often wills, probate, estate administrations and trusts trigger conflict and litigation.

Questions arise:

  • Is the will valid? Did the deceased have a clear mind when he signed the will? Did the deceased sign the will freely or was he coerced or unduly influenced to sign the will?
  • Are the terms of the will unclear, contradictory, disputed?
  • Are assets passing according to the will or are there assets passing outside the will, by survivorship, P.O.D. (pay-on-death) or beneficiary designation?
  • Has the executor listed all the estate assets and accurately valued the assets on his inventory?
  • Is the trustee acting fairly and honestly toward the beneficiaries?
  • Is the trustee giving the beneficiaries complete information about the trust and the trustee’s actions?
  • Is the trustee making fair distributions to the beneficiaries?
  • Has the trustee breached fiduciary duties owed to the beneficiaries?
These are examples of issues from actual lawsuits tried by Roger Jones.

Are you:

  • An executor defending a will or suffering attack by the beneficiaries?
  • A trustee undergoing criticism from the beneficiaries or accused of breach of fiduciary duties?
  • An heir facing a will you believe is invalid?
  • A beneficiary with an inheritance being squandered by the executor or trustee?

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